School of Applied and social sciences


Applied Biology is the understanding of how organisms work from sub cellular to whole organism level. It involves the use of living organisms to produce useful products. It activities ranges from classical processes like brewing and cheese making to modern developments such as genetic engineering which can lead to new drugs against cancer and other diseases. Graduates of this programme may work in various biological laboratories, research institutions, pharmaceutical sector, food industry, agricultural sector or may go into gainful self-employment. The programme also provides a foundation for further training in biological technology, microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology

Entry Requirements
Aggregate K.C.S.E C- (Minus)
Duration:6 Trimesters
Fees Per Trimester: Ksh.23,000
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Lab tech classes prepare students to work in entry level positions in research and clinical labs. ab tech training programs provide specialized courses that teach the skills used in clinical laboratories. Courses in biology, chemistry, microbiology and mathematics are required for higher levels of employment. Throughout the training process students will gain experience working on various aspects of the lab setting. Point of care testing, vital sign analysis, hematology, clinical chemistry and phlebotomy procedures are some of the topics covered during lab tech preparation.

Entry Requirements
Aggregate K.C.S.E D (plain)
Duration:4 Trimesters
Fees Per Trimester: Ksh.18,000
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The aim of the Clinical Counselling Psychology programme is to provide a comprehensive education in psychological knowledge and skills. Special emphasis is to be given to a general, basic psychological foundation, which will enable students to deal with the demands of the area of specialisation. Counseling psychologists have been trained to work with individuals who need help dealing with everyday problems in order to improve the quality of their lives

Entry Requirements
Aggregate K.C.S.E C- (minus) for Diploma and D (plain) for certificate
Duration: 6 Trimesters(Diploma), 4 Trimesters (Certificate)
Fees Per Trimester: Ksh.23,000 (Diploma), Ksh.18,000(certificate)
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