Compliance with KNDI  


Contrary to an old news report that is still making rounds online, The Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute (KNDI) has approved Goshen Medical and Technical College to offer nutrition and dietetics training programs at the college. It is a fact that the KNDI never revoked the college licence in the first place. They only temporarily suspended the training of the nutrition and dietetics program until such time as the college rectified the areas of concern. Extracts of the KNDI report is attached below for anybody to see.kndiextract1
If you read the extract carefully, you will see that there is nowhere in the report that KNDI mention the word revoke or revoked. KNDI has the authority to only cancel or suspend nutrition and dietetics training in a college. The power to revoke a licence of a college rest with Technical and vocational education training authority TVETA and not KNDI. The college addressed the areas of concern mentioned above to the full within four months and KNDI approved our continued training as testified by the compliance letter which can be downloaded by clicking this link. We have also provided the registration certificate from TVETA here.
The media houses and their reporters erroneously and sensationally changed the word suspended to revoked for reasons known to them. It is our considered opinion that the words revoked and suspended do not mean the same thing When the media report came out we pointed out the misreporting but the reporter put up conditions and demands that we were not willing to go by. Our continued efforts to get the media house to publish an update on the case have proven futile, and we understand that such news can cause a bit of uncertainty to prospective students who want to join our institution. However, we’d like to reassure everyone that a lot has changed since the news item was published, with Goshen Medical and Training College working closely with regulators and the government to ensure that we’re in compliance with all the laws that govern higher learning institutions. In the spirit of honesty with which we’ve built this esteemed institution upon, here’s a scanned copy of the letter of approval.